Media Archive / Urban Icon Issue 01 March 2024

Urban Icon Issue 01 March 2024

In this issue, we focus on the Housing Crisis from three
different perspectives in our interviews with City West
Housing on Social and Affordable Housing, with Vitocco
Enterprises on Greenfield and Billbergia Group on
In our Research Corner, we have a special three-part
feature from our Research Partners – Timothy Hibbert
from Oxford Economics provides the Economic Outlook.
Eliza Owen from CoreLogic gives us the Market Outlook
and Liam Manning from SAPHI outlines the Future
Outlook for our Industry.
Also in this issue Andrew Mihno, UDIA National Head of
Policy and Government Relations gives us a rare insight
into the Federal Government’s focus for the housing
crisis and what it means for our industry.
We also welcome our 2024 Committee Members and
new Chapter Chairs.

you can view the magazine at this link