Media Archive / Urban Icon #2 2022

Urban Icon #2 2022

The theme for this issue of Urban Icon is leading innovation which led us to interview some amazing companies who are pushing the boundaries and disrupting processes (in a good way).

Our cover story features Vanessa Pearson who gave us an insight into her original vision for the UDIA Legends & Legacy program and how this leading Diversity and Inclusion program has evolved over the past few years.
When asked what lights her up about our industry she said “I love the legacy that is created every time a development is completed and for me, this is one of the most satisfying aspects of working in the industry. We live in such a throwaway society, it is a privilege to work in one of the few industries that lasts generations. It is also a great responsibility to create and shape the urban landscape for generations to come.

She finished the interview by saying she hopes that her journey will inspire others to leave the door open so the next generation of aspiring leaders can thrive in our industry.

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