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UDIA responds to the Retain and Manage Industrial Lands Policy Review

UDIA expressed its disappointment with the final outcome of the Greater Cities Commission’s (GCC) review of the Retain and Manage Industrial Lands Policy announced yesterday. The outcome will maintain the moratorium on industrial land designated as retain and manage which has the effect of doubling down on an overly restrictive, inefficient, and unproductive policy.

UDIA recognises the need for critical industrial lands to be planned for, delivered, and maintained, enabling the effective functioning of the city and the unimpeded movement of freight and logistics. This has been and will continue to be a central consideration in strategic planning at the state, regional and local level.

The continuation of the policy applies across the Eastern Harbour City, the NorthWest Growth Area and industrial land in the established urban areas of the Western Parkland City.  Our concern is that it overrides evidenced based strategic planning, enshrining added layers of complexity and the continuation of outdated concepts of land use separation and conflict.

The review was recommended by the NSW Productivity Commissions White Paper 2021 in acknowledgement that a more flexible policy could maintain the desired city functions while at the same time support increased flexibility and productivity.

“UDIA has advocated for industrial land to be treated the same as all other land in the state which enables evidence based strategic planning and stakeholder consultation to determine the future direction and land use permissibility,” said Steve Mann, CEO UDIA NSW.

UDIA will continue to work with the GCC and Government to support improvements to the NSW planning system and the six cities plan being developed next year provides another opportunity to address this policy to ensure Sydney remains a productive and competitive environment to live and work.


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