UDIA NSW welcomes Smart Places Strategy

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UDIA NSW welcomes Smart Places Strategy

UDIA NSW congratulates NSW Government on the launch of the new Smart Places Strategy.

The Strategy includes an Action Plan which details delivery timelines for an array of smart infrastructure and strategies, and will establish the critical Smart Western City program as well as innovation precincts throughout Parramatta and regional centres.

“Industry and government need to embrace the bold planning of the future city, particularly in our newest and emerging cities where there is potential to lay the groundwork for future growth and economic prosperity” said UDIA NSW CEO Steve Mann.

“The Western Parkland City will be home to over 1.5 million people by 2036 and we are the industry that needs to turn this Aerotropolis into a liveable, affordable and connected city,” said Mr Mann.

“Big data is going to improve productivity, increase transparency and form cohesive urban planning between government and industry,” said Mr Mann.

“This is bigger than IoT and smart tech; this Action Plan provides the digital foundations for a new way to carry out planning and urban development across NSW.”

Earlier this year, UDIA NSW announced a strategic partnership with technology start up, Urban Pinboard. UDIA NSW’s Urban Development Program and Urban Pinboard will integrate with the Smart Places Strategy to create greater planning transparency across industry, government and the public.

“UDIA NSW has been on the cutting edge of technology development and innovation to develop new ways to deliver best practice planning and urban development,” said Mr Mann.

Urban Pinboard is currently being used to for UDIA NSW’s Urban Development Program (UDP) Stage 2 pilot focussed on South West Sydney in collaboration with DPIE, Sydney Water and Local Authorities. The UDP will act as a “single source of truth” for an agreed outlook for land release, development and infrastructure outlay. Urban Pinboard also has vast potential to change the way industry communicates by providing a live, interactive and digestible format to the broader community.