UDIA NSW stands ready to ensure a safe re-opening of construction

UDIA welcomes the decision by the NSW Government to partially re-start construction. This is a recognition by the NSW Government that the industry can be made COVID safe.

However, the restrictions on the 8 LGAs mean that we will only be at a fraction of the potential of the construction industry with around 50% of all construction workers coming from these LGAs.

This will cause significant delays in housing and Infrastructure and continue to damage the economy. The supply chain for construction extends 2.7 times into business and this will add to the challenges to operate construction productively.

“We now need to find a way to get the workers in these LGAs back onsite in a COVID safe way. UDIA is calling for all construction workers who are fully vaccinated to be allowed to leave the restricted LGAs for work and for sites within the affected LGAs to be re-opened where all workers on site are fully vaccinated.” said Steve Mann, CEO UDIA NSW.

“We are pleased that NSW Health and the NSW Government has the confidence in our industry for us to reopen without causing any negative impact to the health and wellbeing of the workers or the community.“ Mr Mann added.


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