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UDIA NSW responds to Minister Rob Stokes announcement of resignation

Responding to Minister Rob Stokes announcement that he will not be contesting the next State election in March 2023, UDIA said that although we have often had healthy and robust discussions with Rob, we have always shared the same objectives of trying to solve the housing shortage and produce high-quality homes in great communities.

Rob was not just the Planning Minister once, but twice including during the pandemic when the planning system could easily have ground to a halt.

“Through his encouragement of a collaborative approach during this difficult time, UDIA was able to work with DPE to ensure that the system kept moving and created several innovations that unblocked development, such as the creation of the Planning Delivery Unit (PDU), and the first Accelerated Infrastructure Fund now in its’ third round of the program to support housing supply,” said Steve Mann, CEO, UDIA NSW.

To be a success, Ministers need to be honest, competent and champions of reform. Rob ticked all three boxes and we were disappointed to see that one of the reforms, Infrastructure Contributions Reform that he has championed, along with the Productivity Commission, has not been able to be progressed.

UDIA calls on whoever wins the NSW State Election to make this reform a priority and ensure Infrastructure Contributions Reform is taken forward ASAP with amendments made to provide more support to Councils.

Rob’s understanding of strategic planning and infrastructure and how it can be used to shape the future of our cities and regions, has meant that the creation of the Greater Cities Commission and the Six Cities Megaregion has got off to a great start, with a clear focus on the need to build more homes.

His efforts will lay the foundations for the future success of NSW for many years…a brilliant legacy to leave us with!


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