Media Archive / UDIA NSW report includes recommendations on placemaking to improve affordability and livability across NSW

UDIA NSW report includes recommendations on placemaking to improve affordability and livability across NSW

Today UDIA released its URBAN RENEWAL AND PRECINCTS DELIVERY report that shows that precincts planning is difficult and complex and the issues are varied, all of which contribute to the fact that delivery of precincts and urban renewal sites are often too slow.

Following the announcement of funding for 10 precincts in the June 2022 NSW Budget, UDIA is keen to work with the NSW government to overhaul the precinct planning process, enabling the plans to be progressed quickly to deliver more housing and great places for communities.

“The future shape of our city, it’s livability and housing affordability will depend to a large extent on our success in creating world class precincts.  UDIA’s research shows the problems with the current system and makes constructive suggestions on how it can be improved,” said Steve Mann, CEO UDIA NSW.

UDIA’s top three recommendations in the report are:

  1. Collaborate with the industry through a series of workshops to reengineer the process to develop precinct plans and create one that works best to deliver place outcomes specific to the respective planning pathway, Council, State or collaborative.
  2. Introduce a framework that outlines the roles, expectations and responsibilities of all parties in the precinct planning process.
  3. Coordinate land use and infrastructure by aligning long term transport planning and strategic land use planning, including identifying the location of future transport infrastructure with metro station TOD to enable incremental uplift.

NSW needs a fast, high quality and reliable process for precinct planning, which will give confidence to industry and the community and deliver a consistent pipeline of housing that will improve affordability.

“What we are hoping to see as a result of our recommendations in this study, is an improved precinct planning process that allows industry the opportunity to build great places to improve our liveability and to combat the housing supply crisis,” said Mr Mann.

The full report can be found here