UDIA NSW names high performing councils

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UDIA NSW names high performing councils

UDIA NSW is pleased to see that two of the best performing councils as identified in our Council Infrastructure Performance Monitor FY20 for the Sydney Megaregion have stepped up to match the government’s $75.9 million in funding.

UDIA NSW acknowledges The Hills Shire and Blacktown City Councils in leading the way and delivering urgently needed infrastructure projects for their communities. This will support the development of approximately 40,000 homes, 115 hectares of employment land and 1,000 construction jobs.

In addition to delivering new and improved parks, sporting fields, roads and cycleways thanks to the NSW Accelerated Infrastructure Fund (AIF), other projects are also under way in Sydney’s North West.

“UDIA NSW encourages the NSW Government to consider ways in the forthcoming budget to free up the $3bn in infrastructure contributions that Councils have collected, as shown in our research. We need to look at infrastructure differently and prioritise enabling infrastructure – water, sewer, power, roads and bridges which leads to shovel ready development. This will deliver a double dividend of infrastructure jobs now and housing and jobs in the years to follow.” said Steve Mann, CEO, UDIA NSW

“Having strongly advocated for the AIF, we are delighted that it is delivering the results we knew it would.” he added.