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UDIA NSW launches collaborative campaign to tackle the housing shortage

NSW is facing a housing crisis of supply and affordability of such proportions that it has the potential to affect us all for many years to come.

As part of our election campaign Let’s Tackle the Housing Shortage, UDIA NSW commissioned a research study which revealed that almost 80% of people in NSW felt that the cost and availability of housing was a serious issue. This means that more than two thirds of NSW’s population are facing pressures due to the housing shortage.

“The impact is widespread across our communities not just those on low wages, it is hitting households on medium wages and those with both parents working,” said Steve Mann, CEO, UDIA NSW.

”In our research we heard first hand that it’s affecting first home buyers desperate to get onto the property ladder; empty nesters who are reluctant to sell the family home as their options to move into something smaller are limited due to lack of supply; young families seeking larger homes but with no chance of doing so due to the high house prices; renters facing double digit increases; and key workers such as the nurses, the teachers, the police officers and the firefighters facing a long commute because there isn’t housing available close to where they work,” he said.

In October the Albanese Government announced a new Housing Accord with an initial, aspirational target of getting one million affordable and well-located homes built over a five-year period, starting in 2024.

“UDIA welcomed the collaborative intent of the Accord, as we see it as a joint responsibility between governments, investors, industry and the community to build the affordable homes across our country,” said Mr Mann.

It is now time for NSW to do its fair share and build the 300k well located homes over the next five years where they are desperately needed for the people of NSW. We call on both major parties to honour the Accord and enable the delivery of these homes in NSW.” added Steve Mann.

Source ABS and UDIA NSW

Our campaign ‘Lets Tackle the Housing Shortage’ outlines twelve realistic solutions the next NSW Government can undertake,” said Steve Mann

“Any government serious about tackling inequality and poverty and giving people a ‘fair go’ must tackle the housing shortage.  Let’s do this!” he added.

Let’s Tackle the Housing Shortage report can be found at this link