The Pemulwuy Project by Deicorp on behalf of the Aboriginal Housing Company

The Pemulwuy Project was developed by Deicorp for Redfern’s Aboriginal Housing Company (AHC) to deliver a range of uses and facilities that in combination, support social cohesion and meet the housing and cultural needs of the local Indigenous communities. This major Urban Renewal project delivers facilities including affordable housing, a purpose-built gymnasium, an Indigenous art gallery, offices and retail shops, a childcare centre and a student accommodation building. The Pemulwuy Project was created with 3 distinct precincts and includes

Precinct 1 which covers 6,700sqm and delivers a total of 62 affordable dwellings (26 apartments with 21 x 2 bedroom apartments and 5 x 3 bedroom apartments housed within a 5 level building and 36 townhouses comprising 5 x 2 bedroom, 18 x 3 and 13 x 4 bedroom dwellings).

Precicnt 2 will include the AHC offices, 1,300m2 retail areas and a 60-place childcare centre serving the Redfern community.

Precinct 3 covers 2,385sqm and includes a 596-bed student accommodation building operated by SCAPE. The AHC will retain 110 beds for exclusive use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students within the Col James Student Accommodation building.

Importantly, all of the facilities including the 62 affordable, offices and community facilies have been delivered in full ownership of the AHC without debt or encumbrances. This was achieved through the development agreement initiated and executed by Deicorp. The agreement utilised the revenue from a long-term lease of the student accommodation with Scape – Australia’s largest student accommodation provider, to deliver the affordable housing, gymnasium, AHC offices and income generating retail shops and childcare centre to the AHC. It also secured 110 places within the student accommodation building for use by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in perpetuity.