Connectivity in the Western city critical to Sydney’s jobs growth

Media Release (Sydney, Australia) – The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) NSW chief executive Steve Mann is calling for certainty around the metro station in Camellia-Rydalmere to ensure Parramatta’s growth stays on track. UDIA NSW is calling for a show of commitment to creating Sydney’s second CBD and extending the metro line to the Western Sydney Airport.

“Today’s announcement on the Western Sydney Metro is welcome news, but it needs to do more to build connectivity within the West,” said Mr Mann.

“We want to avoid seeing a talent exodus from the West, or Parramatta will miss the mark on becoming Sydney’s second CBD.”

An additional metro station would complete the inner circle of Parramatta, ensuring that the ‘30-minute city’ model can operate for Sydney’s second CBD. This plays a critical role for jobs growth and liveability in the greater Parramatta area.

“We need the right infrastructure in place if we want to create vibrant and connected communities circling the Parramatta city centre,” he said.

“Without this we will see more pressure on housing affordability, more pressure on congestion, and a missed opportunity to tap into the talent pool in the West.”

The Greater Sydney Commission’s vision for a Central River City estimates the need for nearly 200,000 additional dwellings and 70,000 jobs by 2036. NSW has been presented with a unique opportunity for urban renewal along the Western Sydney metro line.

For Sydney to be able to compete with other polycentric, global cities, the Western Sydney Metro is only the first step in linking the central and eastern CBDs to the Western Sydney Airport.

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