Help us Tackle the Housing Shortage in NSW by Signing this Petition

Did you know that almost 80% of people in NSW said the cost and availability of housing was an important issue to them.

That’s more than two thirds of NSW’s entire population facing housing shortage pressures!

As part of the Federal Government’s Housing Accord target to build one million new homes over 5 years, it’s time for our State Government to do its share and build the 300k houses now for the people of NSW to help Tackle the Housing Shortage, once and for all.

By signing the petition today, you will make a positive impact as we will be able to take a clear message to NSW’s Political Leaders in the run up to the March 2023 State Election.

Here are just some of the ways we want to see real action from the State Government in Tackling the Housing Shortage:

Improve the Slow NSW Planning System

Create Sufficient Development-Ready Land

Urban Development with Mixed Use Precincts

Incentives for Social and Affordable Housing

Policies that Deliver Net Zero and Sustainability