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UDIA submission to Inquiry into climate change and the planning system

UDIA is actively working with the NSW Government to identify the necessary policy settings needed to address the housing crisis while ensuring all NSW residents have a safe and secure place to call home. NSW requires more new homes than ever before, but the delivery parameters are also more difficult than ever before, in part […]

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UDIA Submission to City of Newcastle Draft DCP 2023

UDIA commends CN for undertaking the review of their existing DCP 2012 to consolidate past amendments and provide updates, and for seeking to make the document more user-friendly. UDIA has strong objections to several new controls in the Draft DCP associated with the proposed buffer around the Summerhill Waste Management Centre (SWMC), as well as […]

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Response to the Final Report of the review of the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016

UDIA responds to the Final Report from the independent review of the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 by laying out our position on the recommendations. We caution that many of the Final Report’s recommendations would exacerbate the current regulatory problems and that adopting the Review Panel’s recommendations in full would make it much more difficult to deliver […]

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UDIA Submission to the Inquiry into Sydney Metro West Project

UDIA welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the NSW Legislative Assembly’s Inquiry into the Sydney Metro West Project. We are pleased to see that significant steps are being taken to progress the delivery of new infrastructure transport and services across Sydney. Vital transport links play an important role in providing affordable and accessible housing throughout […]

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UDIA Submission to Review of the Biodiversity Assessment Method

UDIA welcomes the review of the BAM as an opportunity to evaluate whether the method is fit for purpose to achieve ecologically sustainable development.

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UDIA submission to Maitland draft Environmental Sustainability Strategy

UDIA welcomes the draft Environmental Sustainability Strategy as an effort to provide local guidance on how to achieve better environmental outcomes in the Maitland LGA. However, we have concerns about how the Strategy may be interpreted and applied, and our submission outlines our recommendations to address those.

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