Submissions / WDURA Biodiversity Certification Application

WDURA Biodiversity Certification Application

UDIA is strongly supportive of initiatives that streamline processes throughout the development pipeline. Where processes unnecessarily double up and require time-consuming responses from both developers and local authorities on regional issues, efficiencies should be explored. We are very encouraged, therefore, to see the progression of the West Dapto Biodiversity Certification Application (WDBCA), which falls squarely within this description.

Biodiversity certification, as the identified pathway for balancing development and conservation, is supported in principle by UDIA. Wollongong Council (Council), by taking this action, have taken the burden off individual proponents within West Dapto and allowed for a more strategic, precinct-scale conservation outcome. This, as opposed to site-by-site certification, will create sustainable development outcomes and better biodiversity outcomes in West Dapto.