Submissions / Submission on Design & Place SEPP Explanation of Intended Effect

Submission on Design & Place SEPP Explanation of Intended Effect

UDIA supports the effort to develop a principle-based approach to creating a high-quality urban fabric through consistent, transparent and rigorous processes. We also support the stated intention of consolidating and streamlining planning policies and guidelines related to design, and the proposed Principles outlined in the EIE. These aspirations are positive and overdue.

Nevertheless, at this stage, there is a high level of uncertainty in how the intended SEPP would be implemented and a great deal of concern over its potential impact on development in NSW:

  1. UDIA is concerned that the intent of streamlining planning processes and promoting innovation on the path to good design outcomes will be lost through the SEPP’s implementation, particularly given the broad application extended across development types; and
  2. UDIA fears that the SEPP would diminish productivity and housing affordability while suppressing innovation.

Our submission outlines our recommendations and associated comments on structure, process and changes to the proposed policies and guidelines.

Submission on Design & Place SEPP EIE