Submissions / Submission to the Wilton SIC

Submission to the Wilton SIC

The Urban Development Institute of Australia NSW (UDIA) welcomes the opportunity to provide comment on the draft Wilton SIC. We proudly count Wollondilly Shire Council as a UDIA member and regularly engage with council and members in Wilton.

Our recommendations for a successful SIC in Wilton

  1. Adoption of the COAG infrastructure funding approach as it is efficient, transparent, accountable, predicable and equitable.
  2. UDIA and Industry provided with information on infrastructure timing and schedule of work streams. Detailed information that shows how the infrastructure proposed links to the demand that the precinct will create. This will give the industry the certainty it needs.
  3. Charge the Wilton SIC using a blended approach between a per dwelling and per hectare rate instead of a per dwelling rate. This would better reflect the principles of nexus and support housing diversity across the precinct (details below).
  4. Introduce consistent and realistic assumptions for the feasibility testing of the SIC. The current assumptions are inconsistent between precincts for key inputs such as interest rates and rely upon artificially low section 7.11 charges as we move to an uncapped environment based on current NSW government policy.
  5. For Works in Kind agreements the works, scope and budget should be agreed upfront and locked-in at the time the agreement is executed. Changes should be mutually agreed and charged on a per dwelling rate

UDIA NSW actively represents the industry’s interests so that urban development can be undertaken positively in NSW. We advocate for access to land for development, encourage the creation of a positive regulatory environment and an equitable system of taxation and charges on consumers, all with the aim of creating amazing urban environments. We believe in supporting our members and the government collaborating to create affordable, sustainable, and liveable communities ...

UDIA NSW Submission to the Wilton SIC