Submissions / Submission to the Camden Draft LSPS

Submission to the Camden Draft LSPS

The Urban Development Institute of Australia – NSW Division (UDIA) welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission into the exhibition of the Draft Camden Local Strategic Planning Statement
(DLSPS). Our members have been involved in all major greenfield projects for the past fifteen years in Sydney, including in the Camden LGA.

Our recommendations:

  1. Council review Housing Targets following the finalisation of the Camden Local Housing Strategy.
  2. UDIA recommends Council sets out an approach for new sites to be included based on strategic merit.
  3. The Camden DLSPS be revised to include growth strategies for existing centres prior to the completion of the North-South rail line, and to reflect proximity to the Western Sydney International Airport.
  4. Camden advocate for an urban development program as an action in the Camden DLSPS.
  5. Council fully consider the challenges facing each precinct before deciding on a sequencing plan for growth.
  6. The Camden DLSPS identify a higher target for medium and high density housing, and include more detailed strategies for fostering these types of dwelling.
  7. UDIA recommends the Council adopt an incentive-based approach for Affordable Housing in collaboration with industry.
  8. Council collaborates closely with industry to create incentives for land consolidation and local infrastructure delivery in areas of fragmented land ownership.
  9. Council revise the Camden DLSPS to clarify the concept-scale mapping of environmentally sensitive lands.

UDIA NSW actively represents the industry’s interests so that urban development can be undertaken positively in NSW. We advocate for access to land for development, encourage the creation of a positive regulatory environment and an equitable system of taxation and charges on consumers, all with the aim of creating amazing urban environments. We believe in supporting our members and the government collaborating to create affordable, sustainable, and liveable communities ...

UDIA NSW Submission to the Camden Draft LSPS