Submissions / Submission to Port Stephens Draft LSPS

Submission to Port Stephens Draft LSPS

UDIA NSW offered the following recommendations to the Port Stephens Draft LSPS:
1. Provide a population projection and more definite dwelling and job targets.
2. Align the time horizon and actions of the LSPS with the Hunter Regional Plan 2036 and Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan 2036.
3. Coordinate strategic expenditure on Dawsons Drain to expedite the Williamtown Catalyst Area.
4. Deliver a local Port Stephens Urban Development Program that is updated annually and publicly available to deliver and monitor growth of housing and employment land, with clear accountabilities, working in partnership with industry.
5. Create an independent economic development body to facilitate new investment to Port Stephens.
6. Seek bio-certification for strategic centres and catalyst areas.
7. Accelerate the delivery of local infrastructure from the s7.11 and s7.12 local infrastructure contributions accounts.
8. Maintain a merit-based approach to planning proposals with clear criteria for additional sites to be rezoned.
9. Provide flexibility in planning controls to encourage greater housing diversity.
10. Proceed cautiously and collaborate closely with industry in the development of any local biodiversity strategy, including koala management, and take a regional approach to biodiversity conservation.
11. Engage closely with industry to create flexible planning controls that enable vibrant mixed-use precincts that reflect future opportunities and the local flavour and utilise existing open space within future development opportunities.

Submission to Port Stephens Draft LSPS March 2020