Submissions / Building Jobs for NSW: The Missing Piece in NSW’s Affordability Puzzle

Building Jobs for NSW: The Missing Piece in NSW’s Affordability Puzzle

When a multinational company looking to establish a presence in Australia comes to Sydney to purchase land and has less than 5 sites with a lettable area more than 20,000 sqm across all Sydney industrial markets to choose from Sydney has an employment lands problem.

This paper aims to review demand and supply for employment lands and its drivers, employment trends and provide recommendations to make NSW an attractive market for businesses to locate and invest in.

Our recommendations

  1. Take Up Rates
  2. The Government should aim to be able to accommodate an annual take-up rate of 200ha – 300ha and set a minimum target take-up rate for serviced employment land in NSW of 200ha per annum should be adopted for calculating adequacy of supply.
    Further, the NSW Government should investigate programs that encourage the development of employment generating development in Sydney, thereby increasing the competitiveness of Sydney with Melbourne and Brisbane and improving the (existing and future predicted) jobs imbalance in Western Sydney.

  3. Infrastructure and Utilities
  4. The Government should establish an Employment Lands Acceleration Fund with $500 million that finances catalyst trunk and lead-in infrastructure aimed at unlocking employment land in Greater Sydney.

  5. Land Release Program
  6. The Government should establish a Land Release Program to provide clarity, transparency and investment certainty for industry and delivery agencies.

  7. A Western Sydney Champion
  8. Establish a Western Sydney Delivery Authority to handle the growth and prosperity of the region.

  9. Land Use Flexibility
  10. Land in and around WSEA should be subject to a flexible zoning arrangement to allow for multiple and mixed uses to improve amenity outcomes, optimise the employment generating potential and increase delivery efficiencies.

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Submission Building Jobs for NSW: The Missing Piece in NSW’s Affordability Puzzle