ORG – Office of Registrar General: Transactions, Registration, E-Conveyancing Advice

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Key points:

  1. All operators are continuing with business as usual.
  2. ORG and all operators have established relevant Business Continuity Plan (BCP) pandemic response teams. These teams are communicating frequently.
  3. ORG and the operators have tested their capacity to continue business services from remote locations.
  4. ORG and all operators will continue to liaise closely on changes to any land transaction services in response to the Coronavirus threat.
  5. Operators will communicate directly to customers on what services have changed should there be any change, and ORG will also update this webpage with this information.
  6. To identify the potential impact of new aspects of the pandemic, we will continue to take the advice of external guidance from public health experts. We are taking advice from the Department of Customer Service (DCS) and DCS is getting regular briefings from NSW Health, along with the Crisis Control Group, and other forums.
  7. Each operator is responsible for developing their response plan and communicating to customers any changes to their business services, in line with the relevant regulations

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