Research Reports

We are city-shapers.

Research Reports

Our research publications aim to provide you with critical insights into the residential market, leveraging bespoke data from key partners such as CoreLogic as well as the industry expertise of our members.

Greenfield Land Supply Pipeline Report 2022

  • UDIA’s survey of greenfield developers revealed the constraints holding back development across the Sydney Megaregion (Illawarra to the Lower Hunter). It outlined the significance of getting a pipeline of development ready land in important greenfield growth areas, and the ramifications on affordability and accessibility if the undersupply issue is not addressed quickly. Key Findings
  • 89% of lots expected in the next 8-year pipeline are not ‘development ready’
  • There are over 20,000 lots of undersupply expected to cumulate by FY30
  • Developers identified Sewer Infrastructure as impacting more lots across the Megaregion than any other constraint

Apartment Supply Pipeline Report 2022

UDIA’s Apartment Supply Pipeline Report 2022 includes:

  • An overview of the current state of the NSW apartment market
  • A survey of Apartment developers to understand the constraints holding back high-rise developments, of which 92% reported at least one constraint impacting supply
  • An outline of apartment supply in the future pipeline, which is inadequate to reverse the growing apartment backlog in NSW, potentially reaching as high as 60,000 in the next 2 years
  • Policy recommendations to address the severe housing shortage

Special Topic Publications

South West Sydney Rail Link Extension Report

An Accessibility-Oriented Case for City Shaping Infrastructure The proposed South West Rail Link (SWRL) Extension provides a great opportunity to better link the West with the West and further support the Aerotropolis as the new city in Greater Western Sydney. UDIA contends that cities and centres must be built on access, as a way to bring jobs and homes closer and an opportunity to maximise public transport use. Read our research conducted in collaboration with Professor David Levinson from the University of Sydney.

Issues paper on the NSW Biodiversity Offsets Scheme

UDIA NSW acknowledges the release of the report from the Upper House inquiry into the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme (Scheme) and believes that the Scheme is not working, neither for biodiversity nor development.

Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) NSW is increasingly concerned that the current system regulating biodiversity conservation in NSW is overly complex and undermines government’s strategic goals for conservation, housing and jobs because of the uncertainty built into it.