Roy Sheargold Scholarship Recipients

The UDIA NSW Roy Sheargold Scholarship is awarded annually to individuals who demonstrate exceptional professional and/or academic achievement. They have leadership qualities, an ability to inspire others, and aspirations to achieve and perform at the highest level. Ultimately this award is about helping individuals get to the next level – our winners use the scholarship to conduct research, and further their education and/or professional linkages.

See below for more information on our previous scholarship recipients.

2019 Winner

Olivia Leal-Walker, Frasers Property Australia

Olivia is passionate about understanding how we can better serve Western Sydney, and is focusing her research on helping keep Western Sydney cool. With ambitions to turn every roof white and for every home to be connected to nature, to design real-world, cross-disciplinary solutions to the challenge of cooling Western Sydney, as part of her post graduate studies which she is currently undertaking.

2017 Winner

Katrie Lowe, AECOM

Katrie has embarked on fact finding and thought sharing journey she has coined Urban CurioCity.  ​This program sees Katrie travelling the world to learn about cities, their urban challenges through real life interactions and observations, and potential solutions available. She has launched an interactive blog covering her travels, experiences, research and meetings with on which she plans to share her ideas and discoveries from around the world. This will give her, and her blog followers, an insight into the interactions Katrie has with thought leaders in urban design, planning, and city shaping. As a result of these interactions Katrie hopes to profile emerging bright ideas that perhaps haven’t been talked of, or even considered, before – for her peers back home in Australia.