Preview Release of the New Lake Macquarie UDP

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Preview Release of the New Lake Macquarie UDP

Lake Macquarie City Council has updated its local Urban Development Program (UDP) for residential land and is now providing the data in two formats: a web based interactive map, and a spreadsheet: Lake Mac UDP – 29 Sept 2020

The Lake Macquarie UDP is a database which tracks the location and quantum of new dwellings in all stages of the development pipeline in the LGA. It includes both infill and greenfield development that will create one or more new dwellings (including secondary dwellings).

The map allows users to navigate around the City and zoom into specific areas, click on a polygon and bring up site specific information such as location, estimated yield and stage in development. The colour coded legend also provides a high-level view of the development pipeline.

Lake Mac aims to update its UDP quarterly and is working on adding employment land to future releases.

Please note that some future (RU6 zoned) urban release areas are included within the UDP, however zero dwelling yield is generally included. Where some analysis has been undertaken (typically by the landowner), a conservative yield may be included. This currently occurs on two sites only. For infill areas, only sites that have been through the pre-lodgement process are included. For further analysis of infill development supply refer to the LMCC Housing Supply Potential paper prepared in 2018.

For more information, contact Wesley Hain, Manager Integrated Planning, Lake Macquarie City Council.