Will the Western Sydney Aerotropolis be Ready?

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Will the Western Sydney Aerotropolis be Ready?

Media Release (Sydney, Australia) — The state’s leading development industry body, the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) NSW is calling for leadership and timely decisions from the NSW Government on its plans for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

NSW Government needs to make key strategic decisions now if it is to deliver homes, jobs and communities in the aerotropolis by the time planes start landing at Western Sydney Airport in 2026. The UDIA has detailed critical timeframes that must be met. The UDIA “Western Sydney Aerotropolis Delivery Program – Ready for Take-off?” exposes the need for government leadership, the aerotropolis was due to be zoned by the end of this year and we are still in the early stages of infrastructure planning.

UDIA NSW CEO Steve Mann said, “It’s been one and a half years since the City Deal was signed, but the NSW Government still seems unsure what to do with the key challenges for the aerotropolis. We need decisions now on land use around South Creek, the water & sewer treatment, flood risk management, and biodiversity certification.”

“If we don’t get these decisions now, all the detailed land use planning, infrastructure funding and development applications that will build the new aerotropolis community will not be able to be delivered in time. Key infrastructure projects, such as North South Rail need business cases completed and funding committed to create certainty for industry to catalyse further private sector investment. There are at least six years of work to do after these strategic decisions are made. If they aren’t made now, passengers flying out of Western Sydney International Airport will see paddocks, not people and cows, not communities,” Mr Mann said.

“Under the Western Sydney City Deal, the aerotropolis is supposed to be the catalyst for 200,000 new jobs in Western Sydney, and to contribute to the 184,500 homes needed in Western Sydney by 2036. The current delays put all this at risk. We simply won’t get land rezoned, infrastructure delivered and jobs and housing in the aerotropolis in time. This further puts at risk the delivery of the Parkland City and the communities Sydney needs to support growth.”

“Our industry wants to create the world’s best aerotropolis community in Western Sydney as part of the vision for a world class Western Sydney Parkland City. We call on the NSW Government to open the boarding gate and let us start the journey to an aerotropolis,” Mr Mann said.

Link to UDIA NSW Western Sydney Aerotropolis Delivery Program – Ready for Take-off?

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