UDIA NSW backing regulatory building reform

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UDIA NSW backing regulatory building reform

Monday 31 August 2020 (Sydney, Australia) — From 1 September 2020, the NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler OAM will have wide-ranging powers to stop work on defective buildings to prevent any building products showing signs of serious defects from entering the market. UDIA NSW CEO Steve Mann says the changes are being welcomed by quality operators in the industry as a move to restore confidence and stop the tarring of good developers with bad news stories emanating from a small percentage of risky developers, builders and certifiers.

“There have been clear economic impacts from the crisis in confidence, compounded by the economic impacts of COVID-19. This has only served to highlight the importance of rebuilding the trust of homebuyers and providing certainty in their choices.

The Minister for Better Regulation Kevin Anderson and the Building Commissioner are providing a clear path forward for industry. The oversight from the Office of the Building Commissioner will give homebuyers the confidence in their purchases and allow them to return to the property market and know that there is regulatory oversight on major defects.

“The industry and government are united in making sure developers are strictly adhering to best practice, and these new powers are an important part of verifying that process.

“Ultimately, developers have a reputation in the market which they rely on for their pre-sales and marketing. Developers are 100% on board with providing the best product for Australian homebuyers,” said Mr Mann.

UDIA NSW has signalled this “new era” as one where homebuyers can purchase with confidence. The Building Commissioner’s plans for the industry will help empower buyers with more information and greater transparency.

The development industry is united behind the Building Commissioner – we look forward to working together to see a return to confidence in the development and construction industry.

UDIA NSW has always advocated for a ‘no surprises’ approach to building regulation. We believe the Minister has reached a fair middle ground to do necessary checks and allow time to rectify where a development needs some adjustments.



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