Streamlined IPC indicative of the future planning system

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Streamlined IPC indicative of the future planning system

Media Release 03 February 2020 (Sydney, Australia) – The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) NSW welcomed Minister Rob Stokes’ changes to the Independent Planning Commission (IPC) at the weekend, as an integral part of a reformed NSW Planning system.

“These are the first steps towards the planning reform promised by the Premier last year,” said Mr Steve Mann, chief executive, UDIA NSW.

“The new planning system will be more transparent, more predictable and have a renewed focus on collaboration. These reforms will be the cornerstone of building better cities across NSW.”

The announced changes will begin the move towards a more strategic planning system — one which is more responsive and more collaborative, particularly between local strategic planning and state government vision for growing cities. UDIA NSW commends Minister Stokes for accepting the Productivity Commission’s recommendations.

“We must remain focused on the big picture. We need to secure the jobs of more than 246,000 people making development happen in NSW. We can’t forget the pressures of a growing population and impending housing supply cliff.”

“Reducing bureaucracy and streamlining the planning system will not only boost productivity, but will also have long-term positive impacts on housing affordability.”

UDIA NSW supports a transparent, independent and well-resourced IPC with KPIs for its determinations. UDIA NSW’s ‘Housing the Next Generation’ Policy Agenda has been focused on working with government to create a more effective and transparent planning system.

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