March Issue | #1 2020

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March Issue | #1 2020

Urban Icon | From the editor

This edition of Urban Icon was due to be launched at the National Congress in March this year. With the cancellation of Congress and the rapid shift into social distancing across the world, we were unable to put the fresh, printed copies in your hands at the time. However, our members worked hard on these articles, so we are delighted to share with you the March edition of Urban Icon, digital-first.

Urban Icon magazine provides critical insights and industry analysis from prominent thought leaders in urban development. This edition contains engaging stories about the rise of the megacity, which I believe will continue an inexorable trajectory through trade and politics, despite our current lockdown. We also share tales about the importance of community and how we crave togetherness in times of strife – these notionsĀ are timeless.

I hope you enjoy this edition.

Mia Kwok, Editor, Urban Icon