Manufactor by Aonari Property


Manufactor is a cluster of manufacturers that have come together under Manufactor, who provides collaborative space, where fellow manufacturers can collaborate to assist their manufacturing. The site at Penrith currently employs over 350 people, and is trying to achieve a pre-existing manufacturing of 1400, prior to the closing of the copper crane in 2014. There are over 25 current tenants, manufacturing all types of food technologies and advanced manufacturing. The challenges we face is not having enough space – we currently have a DA that will allow us to push ourselves from 35,000sqm to 105,000sqm, with Stage 2 beginning at the back end of 2023. We are not about knocking down buildings, but about reinvigorating and bringing back buildings to life, that served a purpose and have potentially have come to a dilpaidated end on the external facade, where we revamp and reinvigorate them to become stars again.

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