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Macquarie Park Place Strategy is from the 1970’s says UDIA

UDIA NSW is disappointed that the final Macquarie Park Place Strategy and Master Plan released on 30 September harks back to a different era where out-of-town commercial districts were de rigueur.

As stated in our earlier submission the Strategy and Master Plan fails to make the substantial changes we recommended to leverage the record investment the Government has made in infrastructure in delivering the Northwest Metro. The final Strategy and Masterplan continue to proliferate outdated concepts of land use separation rather than delivering a modern mixed-use precinct.

Macquarie Park benefits from three Metro Stations, making it the most accessible location on the Northwest Metro Line. However, the benefits of mixed-use transit-oriented development, that the NSW government has recognised, will not be realised by this Strategy.

The Department of Planning only this year introduced a new zoning framework for employment lands which removed the business park zone to promote greater flexibility. The Greater Cities Commission in their recent Discussion Paper also recommended increasing the proportion of multi-unit and higher density housing in accessible locations that are supported by infrastructure. Yet the Macquarie Park Place Strategy does not align with either of these directions.

Steve Mann, CEO of UDIA NSW said “The lack of vision and ambition for Macquarie Park is deeply concerning. It is one of the biggest commercial centres in Australia but its future success is dependent on significant change to bring it up to the standards of modern mixed-use urban renewal precincts.”

“The opportunity to transform Macquarie Park into a mixed-use precinct, which retains a focus on employment and innovation, while at the same time providing housing, services and open space must not be squandered,” Mr Mann said.

UDIA NSW will continue to advocate to ensure precincts in NSW grasp the opportunity, are ambitious and deliver world-leading places to live, work and play.



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