UDIA NSW & nbn Legends and Legacy Program

We are city-shapers.

Program Overview

Established in 2019, the UDIA NSW & nbn Legends and Legacy program provides a platform for aspiring leaders in the property development industry to network with and learn from successful, inspiring, well respected and driven leaders in the industry. The selection of legacy candidates is based on their leadership aspirations and a demonstrated commitment to the industry and learning. Diversity is essentially another word for different. It recognises that people are different and unique in many ways, and if properly respected, this difference can lend a richness and quality to our daily lives. Whether it be gender, ethnicity, age, physical ability, sexual orientation, family status, beliefs or perspectives, diversity and inclusion enables our members to make more roundly educated decisions that benefit their employees, their businesses and society at large.

UDIA NSW aims to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within the property and development industry and reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. Available only through UDIA NSW, this is a unique, money-can’t-buy opportunity. We demonstrate a commitment to upholding and promoting the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion among our membership, celebrates those who are already leading by example, and encourages respect, dignity and tolerance at all times, to all people.