Developed in partnership with Value Advisory Partners, the Jobs & Economic Impact Calculator enables our Members to analyse and advocate for a project through access to high-level results for a range of outputs including employment, wages, and economic value under different development scenarios. 

To use the Calculator, click the button then follow the steps below:

The calculator allows for the entry of input data on a development including: 

  • Land Development type (Greenfield or infill) 
  • Development type (Mix of residential, commercial, retail, industrial) 
  • Development yield (number of lots, units, GFA) 
  • Capital expenditure (ex-land) (typical development costs $ and quality of build) 
  • Time frame for the development (start and end date) 

An outputs page provides: 

  • Number of Jobs (direct and indirect) (Low, High) 
  • Total site value created in current dollars (Low, High) 
  • Total wages generated in current dollars (Low, High) 


The outputs are based on modelling built on a combination of publicly available NSW data together with ABS statistics.