Frasers Property Industrial successfully completed its first high bay facility for Jaycar at Eastern Creek Business Park in west Sydney’s Eastern Creek on March 20, 2020. The $80m facility including automation fit-out features 21,688sqm of floorspace and a soaring 25.5m dedicated high bay section, which is capable of a 20,000 pallet capacity. The technical design is leading the way in industrial innovation in Australia and was constructed as the first of its kind in NSW by Frasers Property Industrial.

The facility also features a specialised low bay tote area for assembly and trade pick-up, 33m wide super awning structure and 1000sqm mezzanine office.

The mammoth warehouse doubles the height of a standard Australian warehouse and has successfully streamlined Jaycar’s supply-chain systems and improved the company’s productivity. Highly automated, specialised engineering by Frasers Property Industrial was required to ensure the slab could withstand 29 tonnes from the automated pallet storage and retrieval system area. Fire engineering considerations were another design triumph, with sprinklers built into the high bay racking.

Proven high bay success has sparked a trend in the industrial development industry, where more facilities will be built to reach new heights as land scarcity increases. Frasers Property Industrial received more inquiry for pioneering high bay designs in the past three years than it did in the past 20 years, partly due to the proven cost efficiencies of the Jaycar facility.

Jaycar will save significant supply chain costs in the first year alone due to improved operational efficiencies due to the design. Highbay construction requires significant design input from the project engineering group and delivery team with engineers, project managers and construction workers navigating structural steel, roof cladding and wall cladding requirements at more than 20m high. Significant analysis of what sequence trade work should be performed in was undertaken.

Judges Comments

An impressive project encapsulating a client operational brief that required a very technical and innovative solution to the design and the build. Not only was it the combination of super-awning delivery areas, extreme high-bay warehousing that also functionally connects to low-bay assembly space and public pick-up areas with showroom and office but also the immediate and long-term tolerance requirements of a fully automated racking and conveyor belt system.

Incorporation of international expertise into the design, build and operate team, strategic short and long-term stormwater management, technical slab designs balancing huge point-loads and ground surge risk, fire protection solutions and physical build sequencing were innovatively applied to make this project a success.

Proving that industrial warehousing can indeed be innovating and exciting, an excellent project.