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Homes near transport the key to Future Transport Strategy success says UDIA

The Future Transport Strategy unveiled by the NSW Government yesterday will only work if we build more homes near transport hubs.

As the NSW population has now passed 8 million, there is a critical need for a sustainable supply of all types of homes with access to transport hubs, such as railway stations that get us quickly and efficiently to work in the morning and home safely.

“While UDIA supports a number of positive aspects of the Future Transport Strategy, especially its focus on access to transport hubs within 30-minutes and 15-minute travel to local services, NSW needs to integrate transport and land use planning to help tackle the housing shortage and deal with traffic congestion,” said Steve Mann, CEO, UDIA NSW.

NSW needs to optimise the amount of housing around transport hubs. However, time and again, the NSW Government is failing to do this, which has the effect of exacerbating the housing shortage, and significantly increasing car dependency and traffic.

UDIA NSW has been working with Professor David Levinson at the University of Sydney looking at ‘Accessibility’ and how we build NSW so that people can easily access the things they need for high quality livability such as jobs, schools, medical services, community facilities, recreation, shops and open space.

If we do not have a wholistic approach to transport planning with integrated land use planning based on accessibility, we will erode Sydney’s global competitiveness for housing affordability, cost of living and liveability,” said Steve Mann.

There are significant areas where UDIA believes the Future Transport Strategy itself and the planning process, could be greatly improved to ensure that the best possible outcome in terms of enhanced connectivity is delivered as outlined in our recent submissions on Bays West, Central Sydney and Macquarie Park.

“If we want to address the housing shortage and improve affordability, we will need to significantly boost new dwelling commencements and momentum in both the apartment and greenfield supply pipelines, with transport and land use planning integrated,” said Steve Mann.

“The question remains as to whether the NSW Government will deliver on its strategy. The next opportunity is for the Greater Cities Commission – Six Cities Plan to deliver that integration and unless it starts to optimise housing around transport hubs, the strategy will not succeed,’ added Mr Mann.


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