GSC and Central Coast Council

October 2020 has been a tumultuous month on the Central Coast.

  • Council Financial Mismanagement Revealed

On 6 October, Central Coast Council acknowledged that a financial review had uncovered a reportedly unexpected $89 million deficit, and that the Council “is in a serious financial situation and faces an immediate and serious liquidity issue.”

Read UDIA NSW Media release here.

  • Use of Restricted Funds Proposed

Council proposed to access restricted funds including developer contributions to cover some of the financial shortfall. UDIA issued a strong statement in opposition to using developer contributions for any purpose other than the delivery of local infrastructure for which it was collected.

  • NSW Payroll Bailout

Council faced an inability to pay its staff, and the Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock MP announced that the NSW Government would advance Council $6.2 million to meet payroll expenses and overdue payments to suppliers.

  • Administrator for Central Coast Council

Today, the Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock MP issued Central Coast Council with a order of suspension and has appointed Mr Dick Persson AM as interim administrator. Read the order here.


  • Greater Sydney Commission to develop Central Coast Strategy

The Premier and Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast announced that the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) will step in to develop a Central Coast Strategy focused on the region’s economic development. UDIA welcomed this news as a positive step that will improve investor confidence on the Central Coast. UDIA NSW CEO Steve Mann has spoken with the GSC Chief Commissioner Geoff Roberts about the initiative and we look forward to working productively with the GSC to develop the Strategy.

  • UDIA Central Coast End of Year Luncheon

Our Central Coast End of Year Luncheon on 13 November will focus on the evolving situation and opportunities in the region with our guest speakers Adam Crouch MP, Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast; and David Harris MP, Shadow Minister for the Central Coast. Seats are limited, book your place now.