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Focused Government ensures a better Aerotropolis

UDIA welcomes a renewed focus on the Aerotropolis and Bradfield from the NSW Government with today’s announcement that Infrastructure NSW will be handed coordination responsibilities for the critically important economic precinct.

UDIA has recommended action by government to create clearer lines of responsibility and coordination of government priorities around housing, infrastructure and much needed job opportunities for Western Sydney, in particular at the Aerotropolis.

Having a single entity, with powerful ‘step-in powers’ responsible for driving the delivery of roads, stormwater, and other essential services, such as energy, is critical to give developers and investors certainty when vital infrastructure is needed to unlock land in the Aerotropolis and employment precincts need to be delivered,’ said UDIA NSW CEO, Stuart Ayres. 

The establishment of a ‘Sector Plan’ with clear timeframes for infrastructure delivery and sequencing will also unlock opportunities for industry to build key infrastructure via in-kind arrangements in the precinct quicker than could achieved using government funding alone. 

UDIA also welcomed the decision to empower INSW to also oversee and coordinate housing enabling infrastructure. This important step, combined with the work of the Urban Development Program (UDP), will ensure we get the necessary enabling infrastructure delivered where it’s needed to deliver the  National Housing Accord Target of 75,000 new homes a year for the next five years.  

“While there is strong Government focus on infill apartment developments, we still need to build homes in newly established and greenfield areas. Empowering INSW to step in and coordinate this vital enabling infrastructure will help cut through red tape,” said Stuart Ayres. 

Today’s announcement adopts a model recommended by UDIA to government earlier this year which should improve integrated planning and delivery at the Aerotropolis.  UDIA and its members look forward to working with the NSW Government to ensure Bradfield and the Aerotropolis fulfils its economic and social potential. 

“Bradfield and the Aerotropolis are too important for the future of NSW. With billions of dollars already invested, the establishment of a new infrastructure tsar should ensure the government stays on track.” said Stuart Ayres. 


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