Draft Rhodes Precinct Place Strategy and the Revised draft Master Plan for the Carter Street Precinct

The Department of Planning has released the Draft Rhodes Precinct Place Strategy and the Revised draft Master Plan for the Carter Street Precinct. 

 Rhodes East 


This is the third iteration of a vision for Rhodes East, previous consultation occurred in September 2017 and December 2018. The Plan proposes 5 Big Moves for Rhodes: 


  1. A vibrant and revitalised mixed-use precinct integrating west and east of Rhodes Station with 4,000m2 of open space including through site connections and a new plaza near Rhodes station, and 936 new jobs.  
  1. Unlocking foreshore areas and new open space with a 7,500m2 foreshore park and a 15m wide foreshore promenade linking active connections along the Parramatta river, and a new ferry wharf near Leeds Street.  
  1. Active connections along Parramatta River and through the Precinct with walking pathways and cycleways connecting with the existing network.  
  1. Providing new homes, affordable housing and diversity of dwellings with up to 4,260 new homes, diversity of housing choice, and up to 5% affordable housing.  
  1. A model for environmental and sustainable development with resilient building controls and design excellence controls. 


UDIA has concerns about the distribution of density in the precinct, with some sites prioritised for density.  


The Department proposes a 25% canopy cover target will apply to the precinct, and a 25% green view index meaning 25% of what is seen at street level will be green. We are seeking greater clarity for these controls.  


The plan has wide tower separations with a minimum 40m separation for towers above 20 storeys, UDIA will be seeking for reduced separations based on merit assessment. 


UDIA will be making a submission due on Friday 9 October. 

Carter Street Precinct 

DPIE have prepared a 2020 revised draft Master Plan and planning controls for the Carter Street Precinct in response to the proposed Sydney Metro West station at Sydney Olympic Park, which creates new opportunities for the Carter Street Precinct.  


The proposed changes include incentive building heights and floor space ratios for sites within walking distance of the Metro station and the village centre, subject to delivering community benefits and car parking reduction. 


UDIA is pleased to see changes that promote Transit-oriented development, and will scrutinise the documents prior to the close of submissions on 28 September.