Understand what influences the property cycle, learn how to conduct a financial feasibility study, develop an understanding of the planning system, regulatory controls and the DA process, learn how to identify and mitigate risk and what resources you need to successfully manage a project, identify key strategic and legal considerations in the marketing and sale of property and much more…

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Course Information

There are four modules held across four days.  You can register for the full four-day course or selected individual modules suited to your training needs.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course, participants will have gained a good understanding of the property development process and what resources and expertise are necessary to complete a successful development. Participants will understand how to identify a development opportunity, best practice for applying for development consent and finance, and how to mitigate potential risks through a well-managed and planned development process.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone starting out their career in the property development industry or those with a technical background looking for a broader and more integrated understanding of the sector.

Course Level
Development Essentials is taught at a beginner level. A basic understanding of or an interest in the development industry is encouraged.

Course Fees

Member Course Fees:
UDIA NSW Member Full Course: $2495
UDIA NSW Member Individual Module/s: $795

Non-Member Course Fees:
Non-Member Full Course: $2995
Non-Member Individual Module/s: $995

Group Discount – Member Only Offer
Register four or more people to attend the full four-day course and receive a 10% discount. All registrations must be received by UDIA NSW at the same time.

Course Duration
This course is run over four-days. You can attend the full four-day course or individual modules suited to your training needs.

Unique Learning Environment
Through applied knowledge, relevant and timely information the provision of practical examples, attendees are able to immediately apply what they learn in the classroom back in the office. Attendees are also given a unique opportunity to network with fellow attendees and guest presenters through our small group structure, group lunches and a site visit.

CPD Points
If this course is relevant to your immediate or long term training needs you can claim CPD points. Please note that UDIA NSW does not award CPD points. Please contact your relevant association or certifying body to confirm how many CPD points this selected course would be awarded prior to registering.

Module 1 – Identifying Development Opportunities & Financial Feasibility

⇒ Learn the fundamentals of financial feasibility and mitigating risk

⇒ Understand discounted cash flow

⇒ Understand the key drivers and trends of the property development cycle

⇒ Understand what to look for in a development opportunity

⇒ Learn how to evaluate a site for acquisition

⇒ Gain an understanding of the different methods used to raise development capital

At the end of the day, participants will conduct an exercise on site acquisition to enhance understanding of the process and conduct a practical feasibility study using excel to enhance their understanding of the concepts taught.

Module 2 – Understanding the Regulatory Environment

⇒ Gain an understanding of the background and future of planning controls and planning legislation

⇒ Learn what SEPP’s, LEP’s, DCP’s are

⇒ Understand what an ‘integrated development’ means and what special conditions need to be met

⇒ Understand what Councils require in order to provide consent to a DA application

At the end of the day, participants will be taken through a practical guide to assist in obtaining development consent to enhance their understanding of the regulatory environment.

Module 3 – Managing a Project

⇒ Gain an understanding of the nine knowledge areas of project management and practical insights in their application

⇒ Learn how and when to use Value Management

⇒ Understand the importance of managing community expectations and communicating with stakeholders

⇒ Understand the importance of acting ethically throughout a development process

At the end of the day, participants will be taken through an exercise to enhance their understanding of managing a development project.

Module 4 – Sales and Marketing

⇒ Understand buyer profiles and market segmentation

⇒ Learn how to meet market requirements using project features

⇒ Gain insight into how to select the appropriate marketing mix

⇒ Gain an understanding of the project marketing fundamentals

⇒ Learn what the legal obligations are in the sales and marketing process and when selling off the plan

⇒ Strata considerations through the entire development process

At the end of the day, participants will go on a site visit to an inner-city development’s marketing suite.