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Western Sydney

UDIA’s NextGen West Manifesto, focuses on the answers to many of the challenges facing the future growth of the Greater Western Sydney region. Our 12 recommendations provided in the Manifesto will also establish the framework for the right decisions to be made to ensure that infrastructure coordination and investment leads to greater productivity and livability outcomes.

Some of these challenges facing Greater Western Sydney include the need to deliver the Western Parkland City and Central River City as exemplar cities, with the right jobs close to home that are serviced by high quality transport, and the right balance of housing density and diversity to address the housing affordability and supply crisis.

The six key areas identified for our research policy and advocacy focus include:

Western Sydney Chapter

The Western Sydney Chapter Committee exists to support the efficient planning and servicing of development in the Greater Western Sydney region.

The Committee leads engagement with Council and servicing agencies to promote the efficient release and servicing of development sites across Greater Western Sydney.  Primarily, UDIA will use the expertise of the Committee to support the growth of the region for the benefit of our Members. 

Key Agenda Items

Work closely with servicing agencies to ensure accountability and to reduce constraints
through advocacy with decision makers.

  1. Participate in strategically planning the future of Greater Western Sydney through Regional and Local Strategic Plans.
  2. Reduce red tape and costs related to infrastructure and developer contributions.
  3. Promote housing diversity and affordability.

The focus of the Western Sydney Chapter

The Western Sydney Chapter is the responsible cohort of members who coordinate a unified vision for Western Sydney.

The Chapter is supported by the Greater Western Sydney Chapter Committee, which is the strategic forum focussed on supporting the Minister for Western Sydney and the implementation of the NextGen West Manifesto action plan. The Chapter Committee focuses on responding to regional trends, government and department consultation and ongoing government engagement.

The Committee also outlines the strategic direction to UDIA on Western Sydney and assists in advocacy, research and commercial priorities, whilst bringing attention to the need for co-ordinated planning and delivery.

Events in the Region

UDIA holds three paid events in Western Sydney each year with high profile speakers from Government and industry discussing issues important to the region.

To sponsor a Western Sydney event, contact

Director, Greater Western Sydney
Charles Kekovich
P: (02) 9262 1214
M: 0409 776 588