Committees / Illawarra


The Illawarra Committee exists to support the efficient planning and servicing of development in the Illawarra region. The Committee also supports the industry’s profile in the region. The Committee is focussed on ensuring adequate infrastructure delivery and supply in the region.

Key Agenda Items 

  1.   Infrastructure funding in release areas.
  2. Promoting housing diversity and affordability.
  3. Reviewing local planning controls.
  4. Hold servicing agencies to account and reduce constraints through the Urban Development Program and advocacy with decision makers.
  5. Promote the creation of a Greater Sydney Megaregion with connectivity between Wollongong, Sydney and Newcastle.

Events in the Region

UDIA holds three paid events in the Illawarra each year with high profile speakers from the industry discussing issues important to the region.  We also host free Developer Forums with the local councils each year to discuss key issues for the industry.

To sponsor an Illawarra event, contact

Regional Manager
Nathan Boulous
0499 399 978