Committees / The Hunter


The Hunter Chapter Committee exists to improve conditions for development in the Lower Hunter region.  Primarily, UDIA will use the expertise of the Committee to support developers in the efficient release and servicing of development sites across the region, and to support the growth of the region for the benefit of our members. 

Key Agenda Items 

  1. Hold servicing agencies to account and reduce constraints through the Urban Development Program and advocacy with decision makers.
  2. Participate in strategically planning the future of the Hunter through Local Strategic Plans and LEPs.
  3. Reduce red tape and costs related to biodiversity and developer contributions.
  4. Promote the creation of a Greater Sydney Megaregion with connectivity between Newcastle, the Coast, Sydney and Wollongong.

Events and Training in the Region

UDIA holds four paid events in the Hunter each year with high profile speakers from the industry discussing issues important to the region.  For more details visit our Events page. We also periodically host free Member Briefings with Department of Planning and other authorities to provide updates on key issues for the industry. These Member Briefings are communicated via email and our Regional Developers Update monthly newsletters.

To sponsor a Hunter event, contact

Regional Manager
Elizabeth York
0434 914 901