CEO’s Message 11.09.2020 Aerotropolis SEPP is just the beginning

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CEO’s Message 11.09.2020 Aerotropolis SEPP is just the beginning

Aerotropolis SEPP is just the beginning

The Aerotropolis SEPP has been gazetted this morning, as promised in Tranche 5 of the Planning System Acceleration Program. (You can access the Aerotropolis SEPP here.) Our members know that land use planning for the Aerotropolis is just the first step in a long process but it is a critical step to unlocking the Western City’s economic potential.

UDIA NSW is working with key stakeholders to see the West become the forefront of city building. We are working towards the vision of a thriving economic hub, which will elevate Greater Sydney’s status as a global city. But we are aware that there is much more work to do before we get there and government must act with a sense of urgency to deliver the Aerotropolis and the connecting Western ‘String of Pearls’ as a globally competitive 30 minute city.

There are still a number of unresolved issues which UDIA NSW is working towards through the Aerotropolis PIC, including:

  • Water – How do we achieve the vision for ‘Water in the West’ with integrated water cycle management and integrated report. We want to see a renewed focus on recycled water, and the connections and storage for Blue/Green grid. These need to be part of the city plan, rather than left to the developer
  • PMF – The phase 1 plan adhered to the 1:100 flood planning level, there are still moves to try and introduce controls beyond 1:100, which will add significant cost.
  • Biodiversity – while we await the finalisation of the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan, which still needs more work to deliver good outcomes for growth and conservation, the status of conservation is unclear. UDIA is working with members to understand the impacts of the draft plan, and we have some concerns with the mapping and ….?
  • Taxes and Charges – Without confirmation of the SIC and section 7.11 charges, industry is unable to understand the cost impacts of the infrastructure and development is held up.
  • Servicing – The infrastructure plans for stations, arterial roads, the road hierarchy, electricity, sewer, and water infrastructure are yet to be resolved. These will be a critical barrier if servicing infrastructure does not commence design work and construction soon, as shown in the ‘’Ready for Take-off’’ back solved plan to have some urban development completed in time for the opening of the airport.

While the issues above are the most pressing to get projects “shovel ready”, UDIA NSW is committed to also focusing on the big picture items, such as the North-South rail.

The North-South rail is a once in a generation opportunity to provide a core piece of city-shaping infrastructure which can help drive the global vision for development across the Western Parkland City around a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) based urban hierarchy. This TOD city envisioned in the GSC Regional Plan as ‘a string of Pearls’ can at last get it right for the West and end the entrenched lack of infrastructure and propel Western Sydney towards the global vision of a 21st Century smart 30 minute city.

UDIA believes that retaining Sydney’s status as a leading competitive global city will be determined by how we build infrastructure in Western Sydney to overcome the past disadvantages compared to the Eastern City over the next 20 years.