Catherine Park Estate by Harrington Estates & The Fairfax Group


Catherine Park Estate has been delivered with the vision of Harrington Estates to provide a beautiful place where people love to live. Upholding the quality of every single aspect of the development has been critical to achieving this vision.

The successful masterplanning of the 150 hectare estate has successfully considered various land uses including residential housing, a Neighbourhood Centre, local parks, sporting fields, South Creek, Catherine Park House (State Heritage Item), various electrical assets as well as schools that are located adjacent to the site.

The estate includes a total of approximately 1750 dwellings, of which 1200 lots have been delivered to date. Across the estate an average density of approximately 18 dwellings per hectare of net developable area has been delivered. This density has been achieved by providing a wide range of housing typologies, with land sizes varying from less than 200sqm through to over 800sqm.

Critical to the delivery of this housing diversity has been Harrington Estates’ long- term partnership with two home builders, Edgewater Homes and Wisdom Homes, in the delivery of small-lot housing both detached and attached. This model has provided a wide range of choice to residents in regards to housing size, product type, price, as well as the option to build a home of their choice or move into a completed home.

By partnering with both local and state governments to assist in the delivery of key infrastructure through Voluntary Planning Agreements, it has been ensured that all residents of the estate have access to a high level of amenity as soon as they move into their home.

Very high quality urban form has been achieved by consideration of the urban design, spec building small lot product, implementing building design controls for larger lots and delivering a high standard of public realm landscaping.


Judges Comments

Harrington Estates and The Fairfax Group have continued their 30 year relationship developing innovative and liveable communities across Harrington Park, Harrington Grove and now Catherine Park.

This award recognises the wholistic approach to solving the often-conflicting criteria for developing residential subdivisions that accommodate heritage elements. Listed Catherine Park House sits prominently atop the historic entry driveway recognised and honoured as Robins Lane, 800m of generously landscaped pedestrian boulevard. The uniqueness of the heritage laneway is emphasised by the attached housing forms fronting it. The development team has worked closely with select builders to realise a diversity of dwelling sizes and presentations that integrate into the people-oriented boulevard, and adjacent community assets.

The judges were impressed with the vehicular access to the housing being separated from Robins Lane, further demonstrating the excellence in the design and execution of the development.