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Camden Council LEP Update

Camden Council is updating its LEP to implement their LSPS directions, the stage 1 amendments include: 


  1. Environmentally Sensitive Land – Introducing mapping and Part 7 Additional Local Provisions for Environmentally Sensitive Land 
  1. Health objectives – Including health objectives in relevant clauses   
  1. Permissibility of tourism uses – Strengthening zones objectives and permitting eco-tourism facilities with development consent in in rural zones 
  1. Eco-tourist facilities – Including Part 5 provisions to guide the development of Eco-tourist facilities 
  1. Industrial land use conflict – Strengthening the IN2 Light Industrial zone objectives to mitigate land use conflict 
  1. Zoning for water infrastructure – Zoning Sydney Water sites SP2 infrastructure 
  1. Minor amendment to Schedule 5 – Environmental Heritage 


The UDIA has concerns about the mapping used for Environmentally Sensitive Land and Riparian Land and Watercourses. We question the accuracy of the mapping and the appropriateness to include the maps in the LEP. Many of the proposed requirements in the LEP duplicate the requirements in the Biodiversity Conservation Act and Water Management Act. Therefore, the management of Biodiversity and Water should occur through those processes and not an LEP.  


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