Approval of Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan big step for NSW …but still needs Federal Govt sign off says UDIA

UDIA NSW welcomes the State approval of the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan (CPCP) to provide the strategic conservation outcomes and quicker planning approval processes. We acknowledge that this work has the potential to unlock great conservation outcomes and supporting 73,000 new homes, needed to help with the housing supply and affordability crisis.

However, the delivery of critical housing and employment opportunities in the Aerotropolis of Western Sydney will be held back until the Commonwealth also approves the CPCP.

The CPCP sets out to both improve biodiversity outcomes in Western Sydney and facilitate the delivery of new homes and jobs. However, the CPCP needs approval from both the State and Commonwealth Governments to facilitate these outcomes.

Without Commonwealth approval, any development proposals would face a complex approval process with significant risks. Inevitably, this will reduce investment in Western Sydney, until the Commonwealth’s position becomes clear.

“Whilst it is positive that the State Government has got its act together and approved the CPCP, it’s frustrating that the development of Western Sydney is being held up whilst we wait for the Commonwealth approval. The CPCP work has been underway for over 3 years and the Commonwealth has had ample time to complete its review, which we have advocated needs to be an integrated solution for all stakeholders. UDIA has asked the NSW Government to work with its federal government counterparts to expedite the bilateral agreement and the Federal Minister for the Environment should approve the CPCP as soon as possible,” said Steve Mann,  CEO, UDIA NSW.


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