“We aim to better facilitate the distribution of research data and property market insights, as well as to undertake applied urban research relevant to the development industry.”

UDIA Research Strategy 2023

2023 is a state election year in NSW. This presents a significant opportunity to utilise our valued research partners and diverse member base to supplement our ongoing communications with government, whichever party may be in office after March 25th.

We are looking to engage with our member base like never before to help build a pool of research ideas that we can draw on in 2023.

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Research Briefing Series

The Urban Icon Research Briefing Series is in its second year and continues to deliver insights into prevailing property market dynamics and showcase cutting edge applied research on urban growth and the development of our future cities. It includes presentations from leading property market analysts, commentators, and developers, in addition to leading academic figures from institutes such as Western Sydney University and the City Futures Research Centre at the University of New South Wales.

Urban Icon Magazine

Urban Icon is our quarterly magazine that presents news, innovations and research that directly impact on UDIA NSW members. The 50-page magazine is distributed to UDIA NSW members and associates, key industry bodies, NSW Government, the media and educational institutions.

​The magazine is a mix of articles authored in-house and articles by contributing writers who are UDIA NSW members. We encourage members to submit articles that meet the criteria of being of current relevance to industry members, informative, lively and engaging.

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City Life Labs

City Life Labs is our collaborative research program focussed on harnessing digital technology and cutting-edge applied research techniques to help create more Liveable, Affordable and Connected cities.

First launched in 2015, City Life Labs has seed-funded and participated in six innovative and influential research projects, which continue to inform and support our advocacy for the future of our cities.

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Research Publications

Our Research Publications include tailored reports on the state of the residential market, including our quarterly Residential Developer Market Intelligence report and UDIA's flagship nationwide annual research report, The State of the Land. They deliver detailed market analysis and bespoke data by key research partners such as CoreLogic.

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Strategic Projects

UDIA NSW also commissions or collaborates on strategic research engagements from industry partners to inform our policy and advocacy agenda and to address specific challenges facing the industry. Read More