Media Archive / $1.9bn Roads funding for Western Sydney and Aerotropolis welcomed by UDIA

$1.9bn Roads funding for Western Sydney and Aerotropolis welcomed by UDIA

Urban Development Institute of Australia (NSW) has welcomed the announcement from the Federal Government that $1.9 billion will be allocated in next week’s Federal Budget to unlock development investment across the existing roads network in Western Sydney. We are encouraged that the Government has now fully acknowledged the significance of Western Sydney as the fastest growing region in Australia and the need for vital road and other enabling infrastructure across the precincts of Mamre Road and the Aerotropolis to deliver much-needed employment land developments.

Understanding the timing on when this funding will be mobilised, will help the development community to better plan for and deliver developments across these growing precincts, which have been hindered by slow investment and planning decisions for many years.
“We need to ensure that the money is distributed quickly so private industry can start construction, particularly with the new airport due to open in two years. The question remains – how much of this money will flow in the next few years? If this money trickles out over four or five years, that’s not ideal. However, we’ll remain optimistic that the money will be provided as a matter of urgency so construction can get moving next year,” said Gavin Melvin, Acting CEO UDIA NSW.

UDIA has consistently advocated over several years, for greater infrastructure investment in and around Western Sydney and for joint investments between the NSW and Federal governments for road and transport projects across the region.
“It is pleasing to see the Federal Government reinstate funding for a number of key projects which were axed following last year’s national infrastructure review. We now need other key enabling infrastructure including stormwater and wastewater finalised and under construction as soon as possible to ensure the Aerotropolis precinct can fulfil its full potential,” said Mr Melvin.
In our recent submission to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry investigating critical transport infrastructure in the Aerotropolis and Western Sydney, we highlighted and called upon the NSW Government to fully fund critical road and servicing corridors, to open road capacity issues at Mamre Road in particular.

Undoubtedly, continued Federal and State government investment in the region will improve the quality of life for Western Sydney families and importantly, expand access to new jobs that will grow out of development opportunities around the Western Sydney Airport and Mamre Road industrial precincts.
The development industry has a clear message for both the NSW and Federal Governments, the time for planning is over, it’s now time for delivery of vital water and road infrastructure.

“UDIA’S developer members have been eagerly awaiting progress on these growth precincts and they are more than ready to transform the region into the modern and thriving metropolis we were all promised some 10 years ago by the former government. We look forward to seeing shovels in the ground next year,” said Mr Melvin.