Training is vital to ensure your business is keeping up to date with our rapidly changing industry. In my experience of Sales & Marketing, you can’t sell a secret. The Development Essentials course will ensure your staff are confident and capable, and it is a worthwhile investment to help promote your business to stay ahead of your competition.
Lee Valentine, Partner & General Manager, Hoyne Design
All four sessions exceeded my expectations. The course provides a great opportunity to network and learn practical skills. Highly recommended!
Chanel Friend, Assistant Development Manager, Boyuan Holdings Limited
A real eye opener, for an engineer! 
Marc Kefford, Project Manager & Principal Engineer, Arcadis
Really interesting talks, I gained a great perspective into the world of sales & Marketing for Property Developers. 
Lauren Staddon, Senior Customer Success Consultant, Propertybase 
Very interesting, easy to follow and informative. 
Alicia Neilson, Personal Assistant, Sorensen Projects
All speakers were very experienced and approachable - excellent. 
Nathaniel Murray, Senior Town Planner, Dyldam Developments
This course has a great practical focus. 
Bernard Keylock, Analyst, ANZ
Fantastic session - can't wait for the next installment. 
Sarah-Jane Young, Head of Global Marketing, EstateMaster
All presenters were very knowledgable, superb presentation from all presenters.  
Jonathan Hain, Project Coordinator, Property NSW 

BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice,
Specialising in Property Development 

The fundamentals of project management are critical and relevant for any role. These fundamentals, along with the expert insights and real workplace context provided in this course are essential for those looking to develop or sharpen their project management skills in the property development industry.
Catherine Maude, General Manager, Marketing and Communities, Capital Bluestone

The flexibility of this online course was very helpful and aided my learnings. I had a busy period during my studies and I was able to catch up in my own time which was the biggest plus for me. I usually prefer face to face courses, but all the resouces i needed were easily accessible and Ian the course facilitator was very helpful. The content was directly applicable to my current role and I'm now looking to complete more online study. 
Andrew Kelly, Project Delivery Manager, Department of Communities - Government of WA


Financial Feasibility One-Day Course

This course certainly exceeded my expectations. Excellent!!
Trent Murrie, Newquest Projects
This was outstanding in both his knowledge and presentation style. 
Megan Boazman, General Manager - Design & Technical Services, TOGA Development & Construction
The trainers provided a comprehensive insight into EstateMaster. 
Kurt Lu, Project Associate, Luxeland Development
I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet industry professionals and learn more of the subtleties that go into a feasibility process. 
Dane Pymble, Director, Infinitas Asset Management Ltd

Business Workshops 

Enormously useful and helpful.  I feel more comfortable and more confident and use the skills Mariette taught daily.
Jolanta Debek-Kozyra, Project Manager/Project Architect, Land & Housing Corporation
It's All About Presence Half-Day Workshop
This course enabled me to refine my presentation skills and confidence. I strongly recommend this to anyone wanting to strengthen their presentation and personal presence.
Nigel McAndrew, Director, Design+Planning 
Speaking to Influence and Persuade Half-Day Workshop
The Speaking to Influence and Persuade Workshop with Mariette Rups-Donnelly was interesting and really pushed me out of my comfort zone in terms of using my voice, posture and stance to project a positive presence in different situations. 
I would recommend it to other industry professionals who are seeking to demand attention and to influence others in business environments.
Danielle Carnley, Business Development Manager, BCS Strata Management 
Speaking to Influence and Persuade Half-Day Workshop