Housing the Next Generation

UDIA NSW President, Michael Sheargold, launched the UDIA NSW Policy Agenda 2019-20, ‘Housing the Next Generation’ on 28 February 2019.

Our 2019 policy agenda is influenced by the upcoming election but planning and the future of our cities goes beyond politics and an election cycle. It's about developing long term strategies implemented incrementally, that will make us a more liveable, affordable and connected 21st century metropolis of three cities, supported by strong and vibrant regions.

UDIA NSW has advocated for the development of the future city through our successful ‘Housing the Next Generation’ campaign with infrastructure firmly on the agenda of both sides of politics. 

UDIA NSW will consolidate these policy wins as we broaden our focus beyond the election and maintain focus on our two core objectives:

  1. Housing Supply
  2. Housing Affordability


These objectives are structured along five key themes with respect to broader issues including technology, future cities, planning, employment lands, infill development:

  1. Timely delivery of critical infrastructure fairly
  2. A world leading planning system
  3. Building our Third City in Western Sydney
  4. Living in our 21st Century
  5. Unlocking the regions.

Our policy and advocacy will be focused on ensuring continued housing supply whilst being cognisant of the markets current challenges.

UDIA NSW will work with the membership, government and the community to deliver the UDIA NSW Policy Agenda 2019-20.

Download the UDIA NSW 2019-20 Policy Agenda