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Kevin Alker - KAPS & Corporate Advisor

B.Ed, MA (Town Planning), Grad.Dip (Env. Studies), Grad. Dip (UEM), UDIA, Former Judge (Excellence Awards), Design Architecture & Building (Advisory Committee and Chair Planning, UTS)

Kevin's capabilities are founded on over 30 years of professional experience in property development and urban planning. In that time, prior to establishing his own practice, Kevin has held senior positions at Landcom, as the General Manager, Urban Development and at the State Government’s Property Service Group (now the Department of Finance) as a Director.

His experience includes property sales at Landcom of over $200 million and the acquisition of several substantial redevelopment sites, including the 25 hectare Victoria Park site in South Sydney. He is a regular lecturer in urban planning at the UNSW and is actively involved in the UDIA.
Kevin facilitates our Development Essentials Four-Day Course, Essentials of Property Law Course and Financial Feasibility One-Day Course. 


Gain an understanding of the property development process and what resources and expertise are necessary to complete a successful development. You can choose to attend the full four-day course or individual modules to suit your schedule.

Duration: A full day each Tuesday or Wednesday across either two or four weeks

Tuesday 5, 12, 19, 26 March
Tues & Weds 18, 19, 25 & 26 June
Tuesday 6, 13, 20, 27 August
Tues & Weds 12, 13, 19 & 20 November

Course modules:
Module 1 - Identifying Development Opportunities & Financial Feasibility
Module 2 - Understanding the Regulatory Environment
Module 3 - Managing a Project 
Module 4 - Sales and Marketing  

Who should attend
Anyone starting out their career in the property development industry or those with a technical background looking for a broader and more integrated understanding of the sector.


The course will be delivered by experts in various specialisation of the law related to property development. Participants will be taken through the legal considerations from acquisition, approval, financing, construction law, strata and tax implications. While an overview of legal considerations in each of the areas will be given, changes recently made to the law or being contemplated will be highlighted giving participants a leading edge understanding of current law. Subjects include; Acquisitions and Disposals, Planning Law, Construction Law, Property Marketing, Strata Title, Finance, Taxes and Charges, Industrial Relations.

Duration: One day course from 9am - 5pm 

Tuesday 7 May
Tuesday 10 September

Who should attend
Developers, builders, planners, project managers, consultants and those thinking of undertaking a development themselves. This course will be of interest to a broad spectrum of people within the property development industry and adjacent spaces.

Learning outcomes include 
- Have a broad understanding of the law as it relates to property development
- Understand recent changes to the law and those being contemplated
- Be aware of pitfalls in not taking into account relevant laws
- Understand the tax implications which could apply to their development

Dealing with Government ONE-DAY COURSE

A perennial issue for property development professionals is getting timely approvals for their projects - it can often be the difference to whether a project stacks up. This course will assist in better understanding how government authorities who approve developments operate and their particular responsibilities. UDIA members who have successfully worked with Government will also share their insights on how best to effectively and efficiently deal with government. 

Duration: One day course from 9am - 5pm 

Tuesday 9 April
Tuesday 24 September

Who should attend
Developers, builders, planners, project managers, consultants and those thinking of undertaking a development themselves. This course will be of interest to a broad spectrum of people within the property development industry and adjacent spaces.

Learning outcomes include 
- How organisations like UDIA influence government policy and how you can contribute to these discussions
- From practitioners in the industry as to how they achieve successful outcomes when dealing with government
- How organisations like the Department of Planning and Greater Sydney Commission operate, and their responsibilities and approval processes for development
- The role of local government in development and how to use the process to get a speedy development approval
- To understand the procedures and protocols which govern professional and ethical behaviour in the urban development industry

Urban design and placemaking one-DAY COURSE

Creating place should be a critical consideration in any development. Done well it adds layers of interest and vitality to a project, produces healthy outcomes for users and residents, and creates a commercial edge in the marketplace. For developers, this distinguishes individual developments from competitors and translates to higher price points. It also enhances an organisation’ reputation.

Duration: One day course from 9am - 5pm 

Friday 21 June
Friday 25 October

Who should attend
Everyone who seeks to deliver a quality urban outcome through development. This includes development managers, asset owners, town planners, architects, urban designers, landscape professionals, quantity surveyors, project managers, financiers, marketers and others, whether working in the private sector or local government.

Learning outcomes include 
- An understanding of the theory of placemaking and successful place creation
- Reasons why creating place needs to be on the agenda for any development
- Practical steps for when and how to apply place thinking
- Insight into the social and economic benefits that can be achieved
- Regional and international best practice examples of creating value through place
- The course will conclude with a tour of the award-winning Central Park with the developer, Frasers Property, to see effective placemaking in action


Financial feasibility one-day course

Stage 1: An Overview

Run as a practical workshop, Financial Feasibility provides participants with an good understanding of how to conduct a financial feasibility study. The course will also take attendees through the theory of discounted cash flow and terms used including IRR, PV, NPV. Attendees will then be introduced to a lead software package - ARGUS EstateMaster through data input. After completion, participants will gain competencies to use the software and be able to understand the output needed to assess the financial feasibility of a project. 

Duration: One day course from 9am - 5pm 

Friday 15 March
Friday 24 May
Friday 13 September
Friday 1 November

Who should attend
This course is designed for those with limited experience in the industry, those with technical backgrounds, or who work alongside developers, who want to have a better understanding of the development process.

Learning outcomes include
- Understand the key performance indicators used to assess the economic viability and profitability of a development project such as IRR, Profit on - Cost, ROI, ROE, Development Yield etc.
- Identify and understand the different finance options, sources and terminology 
- Understand risk and sensitivity analysis, how to stress test your project
- Understand methods for determining land price
- Identify the data needed for your analysis and where it might be obtained
- Operate a leading cash flow software package

Stage 2: Applied

Run as a practical workshop, Financial Feasibility provides participants with a good understanding of how to conduct a financial feasibility study. The course will take attendees through the practical application of financial feasibility to a selected site using ARGUS EstateMaster software. Attendees will input information on dwelling sizes and sales rates as well as construction costs. Students will also receive instruction from relevant experts as to how this information can be derived.

Important course prerequisites
All attendees must have knowledge of the ARGUS EstateMaster program to a level where they can operate the software. If you do not have this experience or knowledge, simply register for the Financial Feasibility Stage 1: An Overview Course.

Duration: One day course from 9am - 5pm 

Friday 26 July

What are the differences between Stage 1 and Stage 2
Financial Feasibility Stage 1 covers the basics of using the EstateMaster software. Financial Feasibility Stage 2: Appllied is a more hands-on learning experience, using a detailed case study of a site in Sydney. You’ll conduct research with Tim Peisley, Senior Trainer and Yang Ong, Quantity Surveyor from Altus Group, and hear market insights from James Barlow, Property Advisor, Century21. With this data, you’ll complete a full feasibility study from start to finish, and learn what data you need, and how to obtain it. Click here to view the course agenda.

BSB41515 Certificate IV in project management
practice Specialising in property development

BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management (Specialising in Property Development) is exclusively available through UDIA and is the only nationally-recognised qualification of its kind that teaches the project management competencies unique to the property development industry. The course has been written by UDIA in partnership with its members and vocational education experts.

The qualification is delivered and issued by our partnering Registered Training Organisation – Upskilled (RTO No. 40374). The course teaches the critical skills of project management such as identifying project scope; managing time, cost and quality; contract negotiation; team engagement and stakeholder communication.

Duration: 18 weeks

Commences Monday 4 March
Commences Monday 15 July

Assessment structure:
9 Units over 18 weeks
1 hour tutorial each fortnight 
2 part assessments due each fortnight  

Who should enrol
The qualification has been uniquely designed and developed for those who work, or aspire to work in project roles within property development. The skills and knowledge acquired through this qualification are vitally important for those who work in the property and construction industries in roles such as; project managers, construction managers, town planners, architects, engineers and development managers.

Cou​rse level
The course is suitable for assistant project managers reporting to a senior project manager who may provide leadership and guidance to others with some limited responsibility for their output.

Pathways from this qualification 
BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice (Specialising in Property Development) is a nationally-recognised qualification which articulates into a Diploma of Project Management.

Course units

1. BSBPMG409 Apply project scope-management techniques
2. BSBPMG410 Apply project time-management techniques
3. BSBPMG411 Apply project quality-management techniques
4. BSBPMG412 Apply project cost-management techniques
5. BSBPMG413 Apply project human resources management techniques
6. BSBPMG414 Apply project information management and communications techniques
7. BSBPMG415 Apply project risk-management techniques
8. BSBPMG416 Apply project procurement procedures
9. BSBPMG418 Apply project stakeholder engagement techniques

How to enrol

Download, complete and return the enrolment form and send it to UDIA NSW along with a copy of two forms of identification. After your enrolment has been checked and processed you will receive a confirmation of enrolment, along with your pre-admission information pack outlining student policies and procedures, a calendar of important dates and login details to the student portal. 


If the course you are interested in is not currently on our PD calendar, please email to register your interest and we will keep you updated when the course becomes available. For course enquiries please contact Teagan Nicholson, Training Coordinator on 02 9262 1214 or at