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Mariette Rups–Donnelly - Powerhouse Presentation

Mariette Rups–Donnelly has taken her years of experience as a leading actor and teacher of actors and combined it with an astute business understanding to create programs that go to the core of presence, presentation skills and business performance.

Her company Powerhouse Presentation runs a wide variety of one on one programs, and customised workshops for executives and corporations. Clients include Vodafone, Australia Post, PRD Nationwide, ABS, AFR BOSS Magazine, LearnX, CanAssist, Careflight, ISES, DADHC, Fonterra Australia, Sydney Property Group, Women on Boards, Executive Women Australia, NARTA, Australian Consolidated Foods,Quantum Dynamics, Konekt, NSAA and many more.



Building business networks can open doors to many opportunities. Be prepared and confident while networking, learn how to stand out, how to break into a group conversation, and develop your networking strategy. Our workshops are designed to assist you in becoming more confident in the workplace to assist you in becoming an invaluable team member and someone your colleagues look to for answers.

Duration: One half-day course from 9am-12.30pm
Tuesday 21 May
Tuesday 29 October

Learning outcomes include:

  • Pre-networking preparation and how to develop a networking strategy
  • How to break into group conversations and tips for leaving a conversation
  • Things you should do within the first few minutes of an initial introduction
  • Things to be aware of and what not to do
  • How to be heard in noisy spaces and how to stand out
  • How to listen well and stay present in a conversation
  • How introverts and extroverts can network successfully


Every time you enter a room, meet someone, begin to speak, you have a Presence. Make sure it's a positive Presence. Learn how to be noticed, heard and listened to, and how to create a presence that positions you where your talent deserves to be. Our workshops are designed to assist you in becoming more confident in the workplace, making you an invaluable team member and someone your colleagues look to for answers. Learn to look and sound like the authority in your field, how to be heard in meetings, and ways to manage your nerves.

Duration: One half-day course from 9am-12.30pm

Friday 16 August

Learning outcomes include:

  • Understand the power of personal presence in all situations
  • Develop the physical, vocal, intellectual and emotional components of presence
  • Work with the different ways men and women perceive presence
  • Be noticed, heard, and listened to in meetings
  • Build the perception of you as a leader in your Industry
  • Look and sound confident
  • Interject when you need to
  • Communicate key messages with vocal clarity
  • Adapt your presence to suit different people and different situations
Enormously useful and helpful. I feel more comfortable and more confident and I use the skills Mariette taught me every day. 
Jolanta Debek-Kozyra, Project Manager/Project Architect, Land & Housing Corporation


Successfully delivering a presentation is a hard task. Deliver on meetings, pitches and presentations, learn to build immediate rapport, maintain your professionalism under pressure, and to structure a presentation to influence or persuade.Make sure that your ideas are taken on board and actioned. Learn how to structure your arguments and deliver them to inspire and motivate action. 

Duration: One half-day course from 9am-12.30pm

Friday 27 September

Learning outcomes include:

  • Build immediate rapport
  • Learn how to really listen
  • Maintain state under pressure
  • Structure a presentation or argument to influence
  • Understand motivating energy and emotional engagement
  • Make your mark as a leader in your industry
  • Deal with difficult questions
  • Understand the language of persuasion
  • Appeal to different learning styles
  • Use stories, case histories and metaphors
  • Use movement to keep your listeners engaged
  • Let go of the need to ‘convince’ or ‘manipulate’
This workshop was interesting and really pushed me out of my comfort zone in terms of using my voice, posture and stance to project a positive presence in different situations. I would recommend it to other industry professionals who are seeking to demand attention and to influence others in business environments
Danielle Carnley, Business Development Manager, BCS Strata Management 

This workshop enabled me to refine my presentation skills and confidence. I strongly recommend this to anyone wanting to strengthen their presentation and personal presence.
Nigel McAndrew, Director, Design+Planning 


Storytelling is the quickest and easiest way to connect to an audience. Learn how to illustrate and illuminate facts and figures in a business setting for pitches, presentations and meetings.

Duration: One half-day course from 9am-12.30pm

Learning outcomes include:

  • Where to find your stories
  • How to bring stories alive
  • How to use stories in a various context - meetings, presentations, pitches

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